Monday, June 4, 2012

January2012 Designs

Hey! :) So I've decided that I'm going to share some of my fashion illustrations/designs here that I draw on my moleskine. It's one of those 3.5inches wide by 5.5inches tall black ones with the leather-y covers. I do love it a lot, but I don't put it to use very often. I really should illustrate more in them.

So for this "series" I guess I could call it, I'm going to split the designs by month. This post will be about the designs I drew in January. I know, way back, but as always, better late than never! :)

This is the first design that I drew in my little notebook. It was drawn on the 24th of January. Wow that's a long time ago. Well, my inspiration for it was a Christmas tree. The yellow part is kind of like the star on top while the green is the actual tree. The red is just for symbolizing Christmas. I was actually pretty proud of this one afterwards. :)

Now this one, was for celebrating the year of the dragon in the Chinese Zodiac. I have no idea what the mark on the mark is and I can't get it off! But anyways, she's wearing gold and red, the two lucky colors in Chinese culture and I was hoping some of the structure of the dress symbolized a dragon -- the back representing the tail. I feel like it's a little bit on the plain side and I should have added more detail. It was drawn on the 28th of January.

For me, this one was a little bit difficult to draw. Her legs seemed a little awkward and the hood was a little hard to get right. Well the color of the coat/cape is a light tan that is like the hide of the polar bear and there's white fur lining on the edges of it. The inside shirt and skirt represent that the underside of a polar bear's fur is black. I thought it turned out successful enough and I like it :) This one was drawn on January 29th.

Well I hope you liked them... feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think. Give me something to improve on! :)

- CindyC.