Saturday, September 8, 2012

DIY: Wire Wrapped Wrose Wring

Hey theree bloggers :) Hahaa did you like that alliteration in the title? I know you did.

Anyways, I'm here to show you guys the new accessory that I made for myself. I do love hand-made jewelry. It just adds a little touch of personality to it. It was so simple to do and it doesn't really matter what gauge wire you use. Thanks to that, since I only have 26 gauge, and usually the nicer rings end up using wire around 18 gauge. I think the ring is super cute and fun. And the silver makes it pretty cool. I lovee it <3

So here it is:

Excuse my long nails... heh.

How very artsy. I love the contrast of the metal and the rock. And also the colors. Cool.

But don't you guys think this is cute? Because I do! And I love how easy it was to make. I didn't even really have to use pliers or tweezers.

Enjoy crafters,
- CindyC.

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