Monday, November 19, 2012

Week Through Instagram: 11/11 - 11/17

I bring to you yet another update of my life... through instagram :) I'm sorry it's late kay?

Here's an explanation of the pictures :)
The first three are of the dinner I had with my friend, Carolyn. It consists of some delicious buttery bread (that Carolyn ate most of) with some type of cheesy dip, a fresh salad with goat cheese, and a pasta dish with white wine, chicken, mushrooms, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes. Freaking delicious.
Photo 4: the sky on a surprisingly bright morning. I thought the clouds look pretty cool, and the sky is pretty much always beautiful and intriguing so yup. I also loveee the silhouette of the traffic light and the treeline. :)
Photo 5: Just a random photo of my lovely Rilakkuma slippers. So soft and fluffy and warm. wheee
Photo 6/7: My nails! I did them in purple and pink, slightly clashing colors. On one hand is pink dots on purple with one unique nail and the other hand is just opposite. I love it, even though the dots are not exactly clean. But hey, not bad for my fourth nail-painting attempt :) I think they look super cool though, and the dots getting smaller is adorable tooo!
Photo 8: I volunteered to help package meals for hungry kids and it was a great experience. I got one of those rubber bracelets and if you can't see, it says ""... so guys, obviously check it out. It's a great cause.

And that was basically my whole week summed up into pictures. Hope you liked my amateur-ish photography skills made better by instagram!

Live it up,
- CindyC.

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