Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hey bloggers! I recently created a wallet out of the TOMS flag. You know, that rectangular piece of canvas? Yeah. :) I'm actually pretty proud of it, and I just thought I'd show you guys.

This first picture here shows the full view of the entire wallet.

Here's the closed version of the wallet.


And finally, the inside of the (proudly!) handmade TOMS wallet.

I know there's also the other version of the TOMS flag, which is actually a little bag, but I just thought I'd use the "flimsier" one first since it was the first time and I didn't know whether it would turn out okay. If you can tell, my stitchwork isn't exactly the cleanest and the neatest. I just got lazy and I'm just generally bad at sewing!

At any rate, I hope you liked the wallet. :)

Create your own!
- CindyC.

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