Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer Vacay 2012

Hello hello! Yes, I know it's been a while! I've been off in Hong Kong for two months. I have relatives there so I go there every couple of years. I'm sorry I haven't been able to post anything. I do still have a few things to show you all though :). For now, I'll brief on the trip.

There were so many things we did there. The best part about Hong Kong? Family that I rarely see. A close second? The food of course :). There are so many delicious desserts to eat in Hong Kong. I ate mostly the asian-ified desserts since I can easily get Western desserts in the U.S. anyway. There was a lot of walking around in street markets and town centers and parks and all that. Even though Hong Kong is so small, there is so much to do! Here are some key days/points of my "journey."

July 1: This year was the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China from Britain so it was sort of like the Fourth of July here. I happened to be out with my cousins that day in Causeway Bay, and there were beautiful (and colorful!) fireworks. One of them had the number "1" in the middle!

July 5 - 10: My family and I decided to join of those tours to Korea for five days. We had a lot of traditional Korean food there and had little snacks at the street vendors. We also went to KBS -- which is the place where they broadcast tv shows from I think. Next was the Seaweed Museum where the guide went through the process of making seaweed. There were also a bunch (9 to be exact) of different flavors that we could sample. There was also this new thing with seaweed mixed in chocolate. It was quite an odd taste. Then there was also a lot of shopping and walking around involved and sightseeing from the tour bus. We went on one of the trains as well and it was so slow but I guess the view was nice. After that, we went to some sort of park with a lot of funny-looking totem poles and little clay sculptures and things like that. We then went to the Suncheon Bay Eco Park and spent some time there walking around and using sticks to pick up tiny crabs and such. The next day, we spent at the Yeosu Expo. It's a much smaller scale of awesome compared to the Shanghai one, we were told, but I thought it was pretty cool. The theme that year was based around water and the sea, and how it's so crucial to life. That was pretty much the main point of the trip.

August 3: My cousins and I went to the Disneyland in Hong Kong. Even though it's pretty small, the rides there are nice and the lines are wayy shorter! We went on some of the better rides twice or thrice in a row! That was how short the lines were. We stayed from early morning until the firework show... even though it was raining pretty hard! Super fun trip with the lovely cousins :)

So yeah. That was a "briefing" of my trip haha. That was a little bit long, don't you think? Oh well. It was two months after all.

Stay crafty and fun my artists!
- CindyC.

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