Saturday, October 6, 2012

"G" is for Gift

I know I promised you all the quilled letter "G" I made for my brother... ages ago. I'm sorry! But at least I have it now! I used orange, red, and yellow because orange is his favorite colors, and because his wall is blue and I love blue and orange together! The frame looks pretty nice and fancy and expensive right? Nah. Just the dollar store. :)

Here it is:

This is actually my first time quilling anything. Seeing as I didn't have a quilling tool... I used a messed up bobby pin. I'm so attached to it now. :) It was a fun project and I'm glad I started quilling because these letters are such good gifts to give and not too difficult to make. 

Here's a closer look at the detail of the letter.

Don't worry, I still have more to show you. 

Stay tuned,
- CindyC.

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