Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hair "Do's": Fishtail Braid

Hello (: I have a hair "do" (do you get it? haha) to share with you (oh I'm rhyming now!). Let's just start with something pretty basic and simple.

This is just the average fishtail braid, sleeker and tighter. Tutorials for this easy braid at the bottom :)

1. Pull all your hair to one side
2. Split it into two even sections
3. From the underside, take a small section of hair, pull it around the outside, and cross it over to the other side.
4. Repeat step 3 with the other section of hair.
5. Keep going!
6. Finish with a hairtie.

For a more casual, messier look, you can use your fingers to pull at the loops a little so that the look is more relaxed. You can also vary the small sections of hair you cross over to the other side, as well.

Have fun with it!
- CindyC.

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